We have built this to be fast, efficient and light weight. We constantly tune and optimise the API and servers to ensure responsive lookups and minimal server footprint.


Ran from Melbourne and hosted from Sydney on load balanced AWS data centers providing multiple layers of redundancy.


We provide API's which allow you to configure what regions you wish to search on. If you operate only in a particular state, you can easily configure and filter just to that state.


Our goal is to make basic address lookup services accessible to small and medium sized business where the cost of other products would not be feasible. In most cases, the free tier will provide enough power to get your every day address searches done.


Microsoft CRM 2015 / 2016 / D365

Managed solution v0.2

Installation guide


Rapid start Templates


Pricing Plans


Free tier is designed to suit most businesses with their day to day workloads.

No registration or credit card is required, just start using either the prebuilt integration components or develop your own using our APIs.

To prevent abuse of service, Fair use policy applies. This is currently set at 100 request / per hour / per Ip address.


$25 / Month

For those who find the free service useful but need more grunt, a paid service is offered to full this gap.

This allows for up to 500 request / per hour / per Ip address.

Self hosted

$500 / Year

For those who want more control over the service or have even larger service demands, We licence out the software for you to host and manage without any request constraints.

Our product is based on Microsoft .net core and can be run on Windows or linux servers.


Where do you source your data from?

All data is provided and validated by Australian Government through the GNAF data drop.

How often does the data get updated?

GNAF data is provied quarterly. We try to update our services within a week of the data drop.

What are the minimum server requirements for self hosting?

The base system requirements is that you need to be able to run dotnet core 2.2+. In addition, you will need a minimum of 6Gb disk space for the indexes and for windows machines, we recommend 2GB memory and for Linux machines, we recommend 1GB memory. We have seen Linux machines running Address lookup successfully on as little as 512MB memory.

How do I place an order?

Currently in Beta, we only offer the free tier and the self hosted tier. For purchases, we can be contacted on

What are your long term plans?

The search algorithms are currently still basic, its anticipated that these will be refined and expanded on to provide different search matching options.

Once we are out of Beta stage, we plan to offer additional tiers to support customer needs. We intend that the free tier will remain free for life.